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Friday, May 20, 2005

Talk about talking to yourself...

On the way to Longhorn Steakhouse last evening we passed by a SunTrust Bank (one of the largest commercial banks in the country). Lo and behold, they had replaced their old sign with one of the ugliest signs I have ever seen on a
bank. This on a street that had Wachovia's and Bank of America's stylish identities in close proximity.

They kept their current SunTrust identity but added a stylized sun above it. Actually, it looks more like a feather bonnet than a sun. A quick trip to SunTrust's Web site straightened me out. According to them, they've introduced an exciting new corporate logo whose "energy and warmth will be reflected on building signs, advertising, and the SunTrust Web site."

Here's where things get comical. Along with the new identity comes a new positioning line: "Seeing beyond money.SM". The rationale here is that SunTrust looks beyond transactions, products, and services to understand what the customer needs. (There's an original thought.) Anyway, "Seeing beyond money.SM" is SunTrust's way of helping customers succeed. A free toaster might be more effective.

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