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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

McDonald's dressing up its brand

CNN/Money.com reports today that according to a report in AdAge.com, McDonald's has asked Tommy Hilfiger, P. Diddy, Russell Simmons and other urban youth fashion designers to turn McDonald's drab store uniform into hip street wear.

Bill Whitman, a spokesman for McDonald's, told CNN/Money that the company has held "informal" discussions with a brand imaging consultant on a potential uniform makeover for McDonald's staff.

"The discussion is on how to enhance the uniform to better reflect the essence of our advertising and marketing efforts and to create uniforms that are more contemporary and in line with the spirit of our 'forever young, forever fun' campaign," Whitman said.

For me, that brand promise begins to break down as soon as I interact with one of workers at the counter. Give me better food and a better attitude, and I'll come back.

McDonald's Fun Fact:

Did you know that McDonald's is the world's largest employer of high school and college students? New uniforms for them could cost up to $80 million.

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