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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Some names are best forgotten

Sophie Howe, a Toronto-based freelance copywriter, emailed this for inclusion in the Talking to Yourself file. "The City of Toronto recently unveiled a new brand and logo - after the unveiling, the shrieks and howls could be heard far and wide (well, as much as Torontonians actually shriek and howl about anything.) Even the mayor has derided the resulting brand and logo as indefensible and an embarrassment."

Want to know what the flap is all about? Sophie sent along a couple of informative links:

Toronto Unlimited by London Unlimited
Toronto: Take Two


Even "Windows Vista" is better.
Looks more like a logo for the Transit Authority. Looks a little dated--and not in a good "retro" way--just dated.
Like Robert, I am in Atlanta where our city is about to dive into a similar branding effort. This makes me nervous, so here's a cynical freebee:

"Atlanta. Only our traffic is slow."

Michael Beavers, Atlanta
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