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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Brick by brick, LEGO is coming back

The LEGO Group has found a way back from their staggering $328 million annual loss in 2004 (see my July 23, 2005 post -- "Navel gazing at LEGO"). They have seen the future, and it is mass customization. They call it the LEGO Factory. LEGO fans can now download LEGO Digital Designer software, a free desktop application that allows them to create their own LEGO designs. They can then upload their design to the LEGO Factory website and order a custom LEGO kit to build it.

Is the LEGO Factory enough to turn the company around? An article in the September 2005 issue of FAST COMPANY quoted Michael McNally, Lego's senior brand-relations manager as saying, "It's something that has huge potential for the company, and strategically, we're looking to see where it hits and how deeply." Sounds good. But it also sounds like a logistical nightmare. Time will tell.

P.S. Want to see how LEGOs are made? Click here for a neat interactive flash movie.

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