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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Call center inside?

As a Dell computer owner, I’ve enjoyed David Pogue's articles in Circuits about the ineptitude of Dell’s outsourced customer service. The stories are hilarious. They are 100 percent true, even if they are made up. And therein lies a competitive advantage for someone. As I see it (and I bet I’m not the only one to see it this way) all of those great strategic reasons for going offshore have left a customer service void in this country. So some company needs to step up to the plate and fill it. What I’m talking about is housing a call center on American soil with well-trained people who speak English as their first language—and make it part the brand promise. Like Intel Inside. Only this time it could be “Call Center in the USA.” What’s lost in operating costs should be offset by a sharp increase in brand value. Of course, you’ll need a great logo to pull this off. Any takers?

We were discussing this very issue at lunch today.

I purchased a Kodak digital camera from Dell two Christmases ago and trying to communicate with Dell's CSRs in India or Pakistan or wherever about the order was maddening. I finally told them to cancel the order. This somehow resulted in them duplicating it.

By the time I got the issue resolved they'd given me $135 in gift certificates because they were "sorry for the inconvenience" and the poor customer service I'd received. In the end, though I allowed the order to stand because of the inducements they offered, they lost. They paid for almost half my order, and they won't be recouping that loss with future orders from me.

Satire my ass...those stories are true.
Hello and thanks for the opportunity to post on your blog.

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