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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Clear blocked sinus passages and fight methamphetamine at the same time

This post isn’t about methamphetamine or crystal meth, although we all know how devastating and lethal that drug is. This is about the makers of Sine-Off, who have launched a campaign against meth and are using it to reposition their products.

Here’s the deal: pseudoephedrine, an essential ingredient in the production of methamphetamine, is derived from inexpensive cold medications, like Sine-Off. Only not anymore. Because Sine-Off is the first and only brand of cold, cough, flu and sinus medicine to completely remove pseudoephedrine from all of its products.

There’s a
broadcast spot to go along with that. The basic premise is that using Sine-Off doesn’t contribute to meth production, so it helps rid your community of crime and makes your streets safer—all while unstopping your nose. I’m not sure if the spot is supposed to serious or humorous. It reminds me of the parody spots on Saturday Night Live long ago.

Let’s see who jumps on the no-pseudoephedrine bandwagon next.

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