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Monday, April 03, 2006

How much is that brand in the window?

Corporate brands are down. “Market facing” brands are up. As reported in Brand Republic.com, a new research study by Millward Brown Optimor interviewed 650,000 consumers globally to provide measures of brand equity for more than 30,000 brands. The result is a new BRANDZ™ Top 100 ranking—unique because it is the first ranking to combine consumer research with public financial data to measure the contributions brands make to the bottom line. It is also the only ranking to quantify consumer sentiment about a brand’s momentum and future prospects, and the first to focus on “market facing” brands as opposed to corporate brands.

So who’s number one? Microsoft is the world's most valuable brand at $62bn, followed by GE at $55.8bn and Coca-Cola at $41.4bn. I guess you could say brand management is taking on a whole new set of values.

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