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Monday, May 29, 2006

How to turn your HR policy into a viable brand promise

Like Safe Auto (scroll down for their story), Stanley Steemer International, Inc. is another company shaping their brand around fear. Stanley is one of the nation’s largest in-home carpet cleaning service—backed by more than 50 years of consistent, reliable, quality service (according to their Web site). But now they are selling more than just clean carpets; they are selling “clean” carpet technicians.

Stanley’s tag line is “A clean you can trust.” A TV spot for Stanley Steemer that’s running in the Atlanta market now provides a new perspective on it by focusing on the dangers of letting just anyone into your home. The spot’s key message: You can trust Stanley Steemer not to send drug addicts with prison records into your home to steal your valuables and rape your teenage daughter.

Essentially, what Stanley Steemer is advertising here is their HR policy: (again from their Web site) “Stanley Steemer hires the highest quality individuals to serve our customers. Therefore, candidates will be required to pass a drug test, motor vehicle record and criminal background check.”

In this commercial, clean carpets are a given, a commodity. I’m not sure that’s a wise direction for Stanley. Other carpet cleaning companies have HR manuals, too.

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