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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Now on TV – a wiener that talks to itself

I just saw Hebrew National's latest TV spot. It’s one more example of a company talking to itself. The spot shows the good parts of the cow that go into kosher dogs vs. the “bad” parts that go into non-kosher dogs. But it stops short of telling you why that is important. It just assumes you know. And that’s where it goes off target.

The spot speaks less to newbies and more to those who already eat Hebrew National (including me). In other words, they’re preaching to the choir. I don’t think Hebrew National intended that to happen. They were looking to convert some Oscar Myer eaters. Or maybe some Ball Park fans. Anyway, in my opinion, the spot does not present a compelling reason to switch. Or why using only the front half of the cow results in a more flavorful hot dog experience.

To me, there’s more to kosher hot dogs than kosher. What about the spices?
What about the skin? Now those are some things to talk about. Those are some real reasons to switch.

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