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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

A tag line with a sense of humor...

Can a pun be used as a tag line? You bet, just ask the folks at Gold Bond Products, makers of Gold Bond® Foot Powder and Gold Bond® Foot Cream. Like the good old Moon Pie people, Gold Bond hails from Chattanooga, Tennessee, where it’s still 1940 in some places, at least consumer-products wise. (Take a look at Gold Bond’s packaging.)

From the Gold Bond Web site:

“Since 1908, Gold Bond® has been making unique medicated products that ‘Do what they say they will do.’ This is the Gold Bond Heritage, and the reason why millions of Americans Daily look to Gold Bond to meet their skin care needs.”

From my point of view, the “Gold Bond Heritage” is more than just a legacy; it’s an explicit brand promise. But we’re here to talk about tag lines. Gold Bond has TV spots running that promote its foot powder and cream. The tag line:

Victory over de feet
It kind of takes your breath away.

By the way, I’ve looked and looked on the Gold Bond site for the foot cream they are advertising. As far as I can tell, it’s not there.

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