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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Not every tag line is a weak sister. Here are three worth noting.

Question: If a tagline is supposed to deliver your brand promise in a compelling and memorable way, why do so many fall short of the mark? Don’t answer that. Instead, study these three examples from Rogaine, Ziebart, Saturn. They are tag lines that increase sales. Of course, that’s assuming there is a correlation between tag lines and sales. Even if there isn’t, I like the way these three sound.

My bald pate is too far gone for Rogaine to have any effect. Still, I like their tag line’s bold, confident delivery of the brand promise: “Use it or lose it.” Rogaine reminds me of Ziebart’s old line for their rust proofing services (I can’t find any evidence that they still use it): “It’s us or rust.” The Saturn tag line is pure poetry. It combines the best qualities from Saturn’s past (e.g., "to do what’s right") with a host of new ones (e.g., "smart with sexy"). The result is a tag line that captures not only the brand promise, but also the very soul of the brand: "Like always. Like never before.” It makes visiting a Saturn showroom tempting. Well…let’s not get too carried away.

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